Celebrating the 10th anniversary of DARE

For the past decade, Opera north and the University of Leeds has combined the very best of both organisations to deliver an outstanding and challenging programme, which leads cultural thought, learning and practice. Over 150 projects have been initiated since the partnership started in 2007, engaging practitioners, academics, students and audiences.  See the DARE Review for a snapshot of what we have been doing.  A programme of special events marks the achievements of past ten years.

Rash Dash image 2 Oh I cant be BotheredRADICAL INTERDISCIPLINARITY:

The first DARE Prize shortlist is announced

Photo courtesy of RashDash, participants in DARE Creative Labs 2016.


Practice-based learning that develops expertise, skill and knowledge

Lectures, conferences and debates that challenge perspectives

New work, research and publications that inspire, inform and engage

Building skill and capacity for a more sustainable sector

Music Education leadership development

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