A Pettman DARE Fellowship in Music Education Project Management provides early career professionals in music engagement with a year of practice-led research in the Education department at Opera North and at the University of Leeds, before progressing to the next stage in their career.

“I’m proud to be a part of the Pettman DARE Fellowship legacy that has supported and enabled so many aspiring musicians, music educators, directors and arts leaders to pursue their passion for the arts.” Marcus Norman, Pettman DARE Fellow 2015/16. Now Schools Activity Manager, Opera North.

The Fellowship runs for twelve months from September. Two Fellows are appointed each year, one EEA citizen and one New Zealand citizen. The programme is accredited as a Post-Graduate Diploma from the University of Leeds.

Introducing our 2018/19 Fellows

We are delighted to announce that Hannah Greenwood and Blaire White have been awarded 2018/19 Pettman DARE Fellowships in Music Education project management.

Hannah, from the North East of England, is a University of Manchester music graduate. She also has experience of assisting children’s and adult choirs and working with young people with Autism.  Hannah says: “I have witnessed first-hand how participation in the arts impacts individuals and small groups of people. I would like to learn how to deliver projects with the same positive impact but on a much larger scale, through such a highly regarded national arts organisation as Opera North.”

Waikato University music graduate Blaire is a soprano who wishes to spread her wings and develop a career which brings her closer to communities.  She says “It’s a great opportunity for young professionals to learn more about how we use music to best engage with our local communities. I’ll be able to explore how Opera North is engaging and educating local communities in the north of England, how they’re demystifying opera and developing future generations.” When she returns to New Zealand, Blaire will work with New Zealand Opera, instigating a project based on what she learns in the UK.

For background information only about the 2018/19 Fellowship, see here.

“Supporting Adam on Opera Challenge was very different from other activity. I got to know the children much better as I was working with them closely over five days, making materials and helping with rehearsals.  The experience definitely developed my ability to be authoritative, and increased my understanding of child safety and wellbeing.” Mary Mulloy, Pettman DARE Fellow 2016/17.  Mary is now Music and Education Coordinator at Harrogate Festival.

Some of our former Fellows share their experience and tips: –

The Scholarships are fully funded through the generous support of Mrs Maureen Pettman and the late Professor Barrie Pettman through the Opera North Future Fund.  The Pettman Dare Scholarship programme is delivered through DARE, a unique partnership between Opera North and the University of Leeds in the UK.  DARE is joined by New Zealand Opera and the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

“The Fellowship enabled me to learn what music and performance really mean for communities and individuals. I’m now giving back as a teacher in Aotearoa New Zealand in ways that I wouldn’t be able to comprehend before my time in Leeds.”  Hugo Zanker, Pettman DARE Fellow 2011/12

“Not only have the Pettman DARE Fellowships enriched the lives of the New Zealanders selected to participate; but we, as an organisation, have also benefited from their learning and experiences. Engaging with these Fellows upon their return home allows us to share in the perspectives, ideas and enthusiasm gained from their time in Leeds.   And of course, this has in turn benefited wider communities here in New Zealand as our Fellows put their learning into practice in the roles they take on.  The programme has enabled us to overcome physical distance through building enduring professional and personal connections.”  Stuart Maunder, General Director, New Zealand Opera.

If you have any specific questions please contact DARE Manager Lesley Patrick, Lesley@dareyou.org.uk






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