Opera North and The University of Leeds have announced the shortlist for the DARE Art Prize 2020/21.

The £15,000 prize is awarded to an innovative, ambitious artist who is excited by the opportunity to work with leading scientific researchers at the University of Leeds, and with Opera North.

This year we received a record number of applications from all across the world and the shortlisted artists have each demonstrated a desire to engage with researchers at the University in the creation of new work, in media ranging from video installations, song cycles, poetry and film making.

Lynn Dennison is an artist from the UK who works across several disciplines, including video, installation and collage to explore our relationship with the natural world. She proposes to collaborate with the Priestley International Centre for Climate to investigate climate change and sea level change in the Arctic, to create a video installation and song cycle with the Chorus of Opera North.

Filip Frederik Haglund is a visual artist from Sweden, based in the UK. His interdisciplinary practice merges performance, video art and cinema and investigates the human condition by looking at the concerns of mental illness, loss and identity.  His proposal would collaborate with the School of Psychology to explore the concept of time-consciousness and how the perception of time is altered in a state of psychosis.

Redell Olsen is a poet and writer from the UK whose work often involves live performance and film. Through utilising a range of media (poetry, voice and film), she is interested collaborating with scientists from the University of Leeds working on the BioDAR project to investigate the relationship between the measurement of weather and the representation of the biodiversity in ecological habitats.

Bettina von Zwehl is a visual artist from Germany, based in the UK, who works with photography and installation. Her proposal would investigate the decline and collapse of the global insect population working with the Faculty of the Biological Sciences and the Hassall Lab to create an animated 3D set design using projection, animation and fragmentation techniques.

Nwando Ebizie is a neurodivergent multidisciplinary artist and curator from the UK driven to create utopian visions of Afrofuturist alternative realities. Her proposal would explore the links between creativity, atypical perception and spatial design and she plans to collaborate with architects, neuroscientists, and psychologists to create a neurodivergent led proposition for space.

Philippa Thomas is a printmaker and creative facilitator, who works within site specific parameters, in both drawing, design and installation. Hector MacInnes is a musician, sound artist and producer/engineer. Both are based in Scotland and the UK and share an interest in the geographical and historical narratives of areas that lie between land and water. Through combining their art forms, their proposal would explore the scientific challenges around the land/water boundary and would work towards the creation of a visual score for exploring a set of locations.

Image: Anna Ridler, DARE Art Prize Winner 2018/19, at her residency at The Tetley.


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